Nun intimately abused me personally at Catholic orphanage, girl says

Nun intimately abused me personally at Catholic orphanage, girl says

Nun intimately abused me personally at Catholic orphanage, girl says

Robertson stated she fractured 11 ribs in assaults administered by Sister Regina therefore the other nuns at St. Colman’s.

However it was not until Robertson ended up being 11 or 12 whenever she states the intimate punishment started.

Robertson stated she had been standing in a relative line of girls waiting for their move to shower whenever Sister Regina singled her out for using a slip she have been granted because of the nuns.

“She said you might see my underwear and bra through the slide,” Robertson recalled.

Regina pulled her out of this relative line and commanded her to get rid of the undergarment as you’re watching other girls, Robertson said. But she declined.

“it and started to tear it off,” Robertson said so she grabbed. “She shredded that slide. It had been most likely in 50 pieces on to the floor.”

Robertson said Regina then pulled down her bra and tied her hands she had been wearing behind her back with the yellow knit socks.

“I endured nude aside from underwear right in front of all girls going to the bath,” Robertson said.

When individuals were done, Robertson stated, Regina looked to her and uttered a threat that is chilling.

“I’m likely to educate you on some respect for you,” the nun stated, relating to Robertson.

Regina forced the preteen woman into a OkCupid vs eHarmony reddit bath, marched down to a supply cabinet and returned by having a brown container of Lysol with black colored and red writing upon it, Robertson said.

“She poured some for a fabric and she scrubbed my face and my eyes, up my nose plus in my lips,” Robertson stated. “Then she soaped it once more and shoved it inside me personally.”

Robertson stated Sister Regina violated her a time that is second an event that 60 years later she nevertheless struggles to spell it out without wearing down in rips.


Their title ended up being Guy, together with young girls of St. Colman knew him while the upkeep guy.

He had been a guy of approximately 40 or 50 yrs old whom wore a navy uniform that is blue. Robertson nevertheless recalls their features.

A nose that is big. Salt and pepper hair that is wavy. Big arms. Hairy arms.

Robertson stated man started preying she was still a preteen, kissing her forcibly in the hallways and putting his hands where they didn’t belong on her when.

Then, 1 day within the 1960s that are early he escalated his assaults, Robertson stated.

The upkeep guy forced Robertson into a boiler space, she stated, where he sodomized her with a broom before raping her.

“at me and looking at the incinerator,” Robertson said, her voice cracking after it was over, he kept looking. ” And he stated, ‘we think you will need certainly to perish girly.'”

Robertson stated she pleaded on her behalf life while nevertheless gagged with a white rag. Man ultimately allow her get, she stated, and she spent the a few weeks in the infirmary.

Robertson stated she reported exactly just just what the upkeep guy had done to her, but no action had been taken. After her stint into the infirmary, Regina brought her towards the bath once again and grabbed the container of Lysol.

“She place Lysol up inside of me personally once more and she kept shoving and shoving and shoving, and I also fainted within the bath,” Robertson stated.

Her. “Put your clothes in,” the nun said, relating to Robertson when she stumbled on, Robertson said, Regina had been glaring at.

Robertson said she told Regina she ended up being planning to tell her father, whom sporadically arrived to see, just what occurred. But she was shipped off to a nearby school for mentally disabled children, Robertson said before she got the possibility, Robertson stated.

She came back to St. Colman’s approximately 2 months later on, and invested one there before her father showed up to bring her home when she was about 13 years old day. At that time, Robertson’s cousin had recently been taken from the orphanage and had been coping with their dad.

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